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          Arden Studios Recording Studios & Engineering Network www.ardenstudios.net record@ardenstudios.net
          Through these doors pass the best musicians in the world.
          Summer Recording and Mixing Special $35 an hour.

          3 Hours of Band Rehearsal for $50 includes a recording from rehearsal.
          Click here to schedule a session: specialoffer@ardenstudios.net





          For Lighting Email us at info@ardenstudios.netArtists and Friends

          We can hook you up with Coaching - Lessons - Mixing - Mastering

          As Baltimore's premiere audio and video production recording studio here in Maryland, we offer music recording, audio and video post-production, live audio and video recording and reinforcement, and a whole lot more! Our staff has been in the business since the early nineties, and has the experience, knowledge, facilities, and equipment to make your next project stand out, all at affordable rates in an artist-friendly environment. Give us a call and talk with one of our staff to discuss your project, or you can email us at:


          We are Baltimore's fastest growing recording studio, driven to providing new opportunities for artists to be discovered by the music industry. Genres include but are not limited to: Classical, Classic Rock, Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Country, R&B, Blues, Hip Hop, Rap, Techno, and Indi.

          Coming soon, Arden Studios Radio!

          Featuring LIVE and in studio events with interviews from member of the music scene.

          Tour Bus Services!

          Are you with a band that is looking for a tour bus to pick you up to bring you to your next gig in style? We can hook you up with a custom tour bus at an affordable price. Leave us a message at info@ardenstudios.net and one of our representatives will contact you to define a plan within your budget to server you needs.

          Baltimore Ravens Official Theme Song - RAVENSTOWN - Video

          Recorded in Arden Studios - December 2010

          King Beatz and Frank JohnsonPresent: Paula Campbell, Baltimore Ray, Smash, and Bossman

          on the

          OFFICIAL Song for the Baltimore Ravens.

          Its Ravenstown!

          Check out Alex Jay's new Music Video "With You Girl".

          Many scenes were shot in our studio!






          For Lighting Email us at info@ardenstudios.netArtists and Friends


          Our production staff can assist you in putting together a scenario to fit your project needs.

          Then schedule time in one of our studios to record your creation.

          Follow it up with mix down sessions where you can ensure that your project meets your satisfaction.

          If you'replanning an event and looking for an all-in-one package to simplifyyour plans. Let us provide the back-line, sound system, lighting, andselect from a list of popular bands in a variety of genres or you canprovide your own entertainment. Additional musicians and vocalists areavailable to assist in producing the sound you are looking for.

          Fund-raisers are one of our specialties!

          The most discrete of musicians can appreciate our secure private entrance.

          Most recently we have become your source for PHONIC sound systems. Including PA Systems, stage monitors, amplifiers, and speakers. Let us be your source for the future of sound.

          Seasonal in Studio Recording Special packages
          • Call for a free consultation to determine how we might best serve you, leave us a message at: info@ardenstudios.net

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          Artists and Friends

          Talent Search
          We are currently seeking talented musiciansinterested in becoming studio musicians for upcoming recordingprojects. We will be holding tryouts by appointment only. Please leave a message at info@ardenstudios.net so that we may schedule your tryoutwithin the next few weeks. If you are interested in becoming abackground vocalist, please call as well.

          Practice space available.
          New and used instruments available
          Lease equipment for events
          Back-line equipment available
          Event planning and booking

          Support Staff
          Studio musicians and vocalists are available to assist in producing the sound you are looking for.

          Arden Studios layout features a large 30'x40' main room (makes anawesome drum room), isolation rooms, spacious control room, andother amenities such as a large reception, and office areas.

          Music Recording/Production
          TV/Radio Audio Post Production
          Video Production
          LIVE SOUND Engineers and Lighting Directors - To help make your band stand out from all of the rest at your next performance.
          Audio/Video Format Transfers
          CD/DVD Duplication

          Our professional video crew utilizes
          some of the industry's
          best video production gear.
          Have our video crew coordinate with
          you to capture your next event.

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          "Adios, Goodnight" - Flo Rida Feat. Jase, Brisco, Billy Blue
          "We Came Up" - Flo Rida feat. Brisco, Billy Blue, Shonie (Produced by King Beatz)
          "Look @ Me Now" - Flo Rida feat. White Frames

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          "Obama Song" - Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. SolilLLaquists of Sound, Cherine Anderson and Anthony B

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          "She Be Like " - Git Fresh (Def Jam, Produced by LamB)

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          "White Frames Anthem " - White Frames (IMG/Strongarm/Poe Boy, Produced by King Beatz)

          Some of our music clients...

          Flo Rida (Atlantic)
          Git Fresh (Def Jam)
          Brisco (Poe Boy/Cash Money)
          Billy Blue (Poe Boy)
          White Frames (IMG)
          Lil' Brianna (Poe Boy/IMG)
          Michael Franti & Spearhead (ANTI-/Epitaph)
          Emill (IMG/Strongarm)
          The Speaks (Warner Music Group)
          Roy Haynes Trio (Verve)
          Aisha Khalil (Thunderhead)
          Sean Garrett (Writer/Producer/Artist)
          Rock City (Producers)
          Ball Greazy (Poe Boy)
          Jase (Poe Boy)
          Baltimore Ray (CREAM)
          Igima (Loc-a-Bloc)
          Libby/Lazerbitch - (King Beatz)
          Anubis Unbound (Independent)
          Gunwife Gone (Independent)
          Paula Campbell
          To The Fight  (In Studio Project)
          Alex Jay
          Shout at the Devil
          Max Fisher
          Chance You Take
          Collective Force
          ICE WAGON FLU

          Some of our Post Production clients...

          -Discovery Channel
          -GMMB (Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton)
          -Bright Idea Creative (Bernie Sanders, DSCC)
          -Lamson Media/Grunwald Commucations (Hillary Clinton)
          -MTV Networks
          -American Red Cross
          -Adworks (Hair Cuttery/Moore Cadillac)

          Arden StudiosDan Woytowitz
          Roger Stewart
          Baltimore, Maryland Josh
          Studio/Email info@ardenstudios.net***